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The Smart Spin

The Smart Spin

The Smart Spin

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The smart spin is an all in one smart turntable with a built in LED light compatible with smartphones or DSLR. With its 360 degree rotating base you will get excellent quality results for your photos, making it great for professional looking shoots with great with great precision. smart spin provides an engaging experience compared to the traditional flat images, its 360 degree spinning base can be a powerful marketing tool as it can be used on websites, social media, and other platforms to showcase products in a more engaging and attractive way.

Smart turntable with 360-degree rotation LED light adjustment system for colour temperatures between 2,300k and 5,600k. Sliding door cover for light preservation and modification. Interchangeable magnetic covers for angel variation. necklace hanger for jewelry display. male thread with 3/8-inch tripod ball head.



Dual LED ring light (129 x 0.2W)

Front LED panel (15 x 0.2W)

Bottom LED panel (129 x 0.2W)

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Introducing The Smart Spin

Our Vision

Our vision is to evolve your photography skills by reducing distractions that can occur while taking pictures outside such as changing weather, bystanders and lighting issues. We want to keep things simple while giving you stunning studio quality images every time.

What Is The Smart Spin used For

Photography is a powerful tool that helps capture and preserve special moments for people worldwide. The Smart spin is easy to use and can improve photography skills. We give you complete control to precise lighting, temperature and and angles with our all in one Smart spin

Enhance Your Photography

Your work as a photographer will become much more time efficient as you will not need to deal with scouting for a location or waiting for the perfect lighting. We are equipped with high quality lighting that photographers will have full control over, this ensures that the images produced are of amazing quality and resolution while keeping it consistent.

Why Our Customers Love The Smart Spin

Melissa Strasbourg

"I can't say enough good things about The Smart Spin. It is easy enough for beginners to get started while offering more advanced functions for more experienced photographs. Overall I'm very impressed and would highly reccommend The Smart Spin."

Jackson Nicholsan

"The Smart Spin ensures that everything is perfectly framed in every shot, it's like having a personal cinematographer with me at all times. I love it and at this price point I highly recommend it to all photographers.”

Rebecca Farmer

"One of my friends introduced me to this Smart Spin and I'm glad they did! Whether I'm taking pictures or shooting videos, the results are always top notch. The smart spin turntable compliments the camera beautifuly. "


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